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Welcome to Foramina!

2-4 Players | 30 Minutes | Ages 12+

No prior neuroanatomy knowledge necessary!

HEADS. Those of us who have one know how hard they work. They sniff, chew, listen, salivate, look around, kiss, spit, sing karaoke, get slapped, and so much more. I love elbows as much as anyone, but on a good day, my favorite elbow barely does half of these things.

When a head makes up its mind to do something, it needs to pick the right cranial nerve and send a signal through a hole in the skull called a foramen. (The plural of foramen is “foramina” for some reason.)

Finally, here’s a fast-paced tabletop game that lets you and your friends celebrate these magical little holes.


It's Foramina!

Game Credits

Game design: Zach London, MD & Mikaela Stiver, PhD

Artwork: Alex Dai, MD

Editing: Lauren London

Playtesting: Cathy Bettcher, Jacob Cloke, Rajan Dayalu, Preeta Gupta, Cairo De Souza, Jaime Huizinga, Anna Kay, Karolina Leziak, Lauren London, Malcolm London, Scarlett London, Sari London, Patrick Rasmussen, Jennifer Saigal, Jordan Setayesh, Micah Wolkenberg

This game was funded, in part, by contributions from the Jerry Isler Neuromuscular Fund and the James W. Albers Collegiate Professorship of Neurology.



Check out this YouTube video for a quick overview of how to play Foramina!

You can also download a PDF copy of the instruction booklet for Foramina by clicking the button below

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